Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hello, World Wide Web

What have I gotten myself into?

The short answer: The blogosphere. The long answer: I have yet to find out.

My name is Steve Warns. I'm 34, married with a loving, beautiful wife, a loving, beautiful child and a loving, beautiful (at least according to my veterinarian) labrador retriever.

I also have a mortgage, but it's neither loving nor beautiful. Actually, it's manageable. So, I can't really complain.

The title of my blog "Spinnings of a desk jockey" is meant to be clever, for I work behind a desk for a living. I am a copy editor and page designer for The Ann Arbor News, a newspaper that sadly is going to fold July 23. I don't, however, own a turntable. My taste in music is kind of lame and not very much up-to-date. I don't care, though.

I have to say it's a great profession. I get paid to read, watch sports and watch TV when it's necessary.

I've been thinking of starting a blog for a while, and now I feel the time is right. I'll write about anything and everything, and I encourage you, the Internet stalker, to respond to my posts in kind. So, thanks in advance for reading. I look forward to posting more in the future.

Until next time. . .

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blogospher, Steve. I think you'll find it quite enjoyable. Getting things off your chest can be a good way to get rid of stress. Eventually, if you keep at it and post regularly, you'll develop a little following and the interaction can be kind of cool.

    Anyway, good luck with Deskjockey Spin!